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What our students say about their experience at Melody Suite

I really enjoy my singing lessons with Hannah. She’s highly knowledgeable of how the voice works and she always greets me with a happy demeanour. I feel I have improved a lot with Hannah as my teacher.


I have been attending classes with Hannah for about 9 months now and she has been nothing short of amazing. I always look forward to weekly classes and even on the off time that I may be a bit tired and not feeling up to it, I am always glad I do go because I leave feeling amazing. She has greatly helped me with all aspects of my voices and taught me things that I will take with me for the rest of my life.


I'm really enjoying working with Hannah. As I am a novice singer, she is patiently helping me to improve my technique by selecting a few things to concentrate on from lesson to lesson. I feel that my confidence is improving and I am becoming much more aware of my technique.


As someone who had been in metal bands for over 10 years I wasn't sure that I could even sing but Hannah really made me feel welcome and provided an environment where I was comfortable enough to give it a try. Always reassuring, supportive and friendly I can't recommend her enough and in just a few short months I have really felt some tangible differences and improvements in my vocal ability. If you're looking for a safe space to be vulnerable and give singing a go then I would suggest you contact Melody Suite!


Fantastic teacher - always challenging you to learn new vocal techniques to cover a broad range of genres 😊


Melody Suite / Hannah is a great singing teacher, Very happy with the service she provides. Always compassionate & caring whilst setting goals to strive for constant improvement.

Shanina & Layla

Hannah is amazing. Very patient and friendly. Provides class notes afterwards to help us on improving the techniques. Highly recommend.


Very knowledgeable and supportive. Always a comfortable environment and results from the lessons show.


Hannah has been teaching my daughter for three years. During this time her singing has advanced beyond expectation. Hannah has helped her excel in her AMEB exams, facilitated performances, encouraged creativity and song writing. Hannah is a dedicated and professional teacher. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wishes to start or progress their singing career.


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