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30 Min Songwriting Challenge!

As most of us are spending a lot of time in isolation because of the COVID-19 virus & it is a very weird time for those who don't like being stuck in 4 walls 24/7.......

I decided that it would be a fun idea to start a songwriting challenge!

The #isolationmelodies 30 min songwriting challenge!

Here are the challenge rules:

You've got 30 minutes to write a song that has something to do with isolation. You could talk about your experience, use the word as a story prompt, talk about what its like out of isolation..... there are so many possibilies!

The 30 mins includes music/melody & lyrics.

But why did I make it 30 mins?

Because the adrenaline of a short time limit helps to get your 'creative juices' flowing & kicks perfectionism and procrastination in the butt! A win/win situation if you ask me!

Once you are done upload your video and tag #isolationmelodies so that we can all enjoy the challenge together! Make sure to challenge your friends too!

I took a shot at the challenge too! check it out here:

Have fun! Can't wait to hear all of your songs!



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